Parking and Safety 
No Parking or waiting in teacher's parking lots
   Entrance to Building

 No Parking or waiting in Kenyon Rd drop off area  Main office is located on Cottage St.  All visitors must check in with the main office upon entrance
 No Parking or waiting in the Mendon Rd. bus area  Crossing guards are available during arrival and dismissal at two locations on Cottage St. Please use the crossing guards whenever possible
 Kenyon Rd is for drop off only. To ensure your child and others safety please wait with passenger tires to curb.  For the safety of your child please have ID available until we get to know you!
Please make every effort for your child to be in school each day.  Absences do effect the academic progress of your child.  Please call the office in the morning on the day of a child's absence, and send in a note to the teacher following a child's absence.  Medical notes are always acceptable to excuse an absence.

 Arrival   8:30am  Dismissal is at 2:40pm.
 Breakfast opens at 8:10am, students should not be on school grounds until 8:10am for breakfast. Breakfast is free for all students.  Dismissal is at 2:40pm.

 Students who are not attending breakfast should not be on school grounds prior to 8:10am

Grades 1-2 enter through doors on Baxter St. between 8:10-8:30am

Grades 3-5 line up in the yard near the flag pole on Cottage St.

 Please see individual teachers for where they dismiss each day at 2:40pm. For your child's safety that information will not be posted on this website.
 Only enter through main office door if arriving after 8:30am.
 We ask that all parents make arrangements for a 2:40pm pick up each day.  Should you be running late please kindly contact the main office.
 All students are expected to be in school for 8:30am each day. Students arriving after 8:30am will need to stop a  main office and complete a late slip.  Remember students will only be dismissed to people that you have designated as allowed to pick up.  Please bring an ID until we get to know 
.  If children are to be dismissed early please send in a note to the classroom teacher in the morning.  Only adults 18 and older will be allowed to dismiss students early from school.

 If your child will be changing their normal dismissal routine please send a written note in to the teacher.