School Motto


 At Curvin McCabe because we are Considerate and Motivated we are Successful!  

Yes, that's right!  If everyone in our school community is considerate of one another and is motivated to do well then as a whole community we are successful.   We have adopted this phrase as it embodies our expectations for all.   We want each and every child to find success at school and we believe that it takes our whole community to create greatness!  We feel it is important to reward considerate, motivated and successful behavior and therefore have created many opportunities for students to earn fun rewards.  We recognize that the most important reward is simply SUCCESS but we know that a little fun Motivation along the path to Success makes the school year more interesting! 

Ultimately students are working towards a theme Party in December,  a special show in June. Students who earn a certain percentage of CMS points will be participating in these fun events! 

Keep reading to find out what makes you Considerate, Motivated and Successful! 
To make our expectations clear and simple we have defined what it means to be Considerate, Motivated and Successful in a variety of settings: The Classroom, The Lunchroom, The Schoolyard, The Bathroom and Home/School Connection


Students are recognized monthly for meeting 95% of their behavior points. 

Students who have 95% of their points each month from September through December join us for a theme party!

Students who have 95% of their points each month of the school year join us for a special show in June! 

Boys and girls we know you are motivated and will find success!  

Parents please help your child stay motivated to find success by helping your child keep track of their points.  Classroom teachers keep parents informed of points in a variety of ways.  Ask your child's teacher for more information!