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As a student, I will strive to:


·                     Believe that I can learn and I will always try my best.

·                     Attend school daily, on time and prepared.

·                     Leave school daily with all homework and materials.

·                     Obey school rules and accept responsibility for my work and behavior.

·                     Work cooperatively with other students and staff.

·                      Resolve conflicts peacefully.

·                     Show respect for my school, other people, and myself.

·                     Discuss with my parents what I’m learning in school and provide them with all school notices.

·                     Share my talents and strengths through participation in class or school.

·                     Seek assistance from my teacher, family members, or peers when needed.

·                     Encourage my family to take part in school-wide activities.


As a parent, I will strive to:


·                     Believe my child can learn and achieve high expectations.

·                     Send my child to school prepared to learn.

·                     Send my child to school appropriately dressed with adequate food, rest, and care.

·                     Show respect and support for my child and school by keeping the lines of communication open.

·                     Support the school in developing positive behaviors in my child.

·                     Require my child to follow school rules and regulations that ensure a safe, caring, positive learning environment for everyone.

·                     Promptly sign and return all school correspondence.

·                     Attend school functions and parent-teacher meetings.

·                     Check my child’s homework and backpack daily.

·                     Provide a quite place to work while limiting TV and video games.

·                     Volunteer at school and support the school community.

·                     Read to or listen to my child read at least 15 minutes per night. 


As a School Community, we will strive to:


·         Believe each child can learn and achieve high expectations

·         Provide and enriched learning environment

·         Present ourselves in a professional manner.

·         Respect and value the uniqueness of each student and their family

·         Provide purposeful homework which is an integral part of the student’s learning.

·         Communicate on a regular basis with parents and students.

·         Support all school-wide activities

·         Encourage students and their families to be actively involved in all aspects of the school.

·         Foster opportunities for families to volunteer in school.