Core Values, Mission, Vision

At Curvin McCabe School, because we are Considerate and Motivated, we are Successful

    We believe:

  • Every individual can learn so they are college and career ready by high school graduation.
  • High expectations and high standards for all learners result in higher achievement.
  • Every child and every family is of equal value and deserves respect.
  • Every individual in the community has a responsibility for the education and well being of its member.
  • All children deserve to come to school ready to learn every day.
  • The strength of diversity is an asset.
  • The strength of a community is its ability to advocate for all its children.
  • Well prepared learners meet the challenges of a global competitive society

The mission of Curvin McCabe School, in partnership with its children, families and community is to prepare every student for lifelong learning and work in the 21st century by:

  • Demonstrating respect, tolerance, and acceptance of others
  • Working together as a team with effective communication
  • Upholding high expectations based on Common Core Learning Standards and 21st Century Skills
  • Integrating the arts and classroom curricula
  • Maintaining an engaging and safe climate of inquiry
  • Persevering in the pursuit of goals

Our vision is to provide a school where all students, parents, and teachers hold learning in high regard with the expectation that all students will acquire the foundations necessary to be college and career ready upon high school graduation.

Our Motto is:  At Curvin McCabe, because we are Considerate and Motivated, we are Successful.

 We are consistently working to improve student learning. 

Please click on the link below to the the 2018-2019 Curvin McCabe School Improvement Plan
/Portals/Pawtucket/McCabe/docs/Curvin McCabe SIP 2018-2019.pdf?ver=2019-03-12-091829-493