• Accelerated Reader

    What is Accelerated


    ·  Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to motivate students to read. 

    · AR tests comprehension of books students have read.  AR tests are on an online computer program.  

    · AR quizzes can only be taken at school

    · Students will have designated times within the school day to take quizzes

    · Quizzes should be taken within 24-48 hours of  finishing a book

    · It is a good idea to read at home with your child

    · Upper grade students will be given responsibility to help younger grade students by reading the quiz questions to them.

    Many of our books in classroom libraries, and school library contain AR books

    As students take quizzes, they earn points and positive recognition from their teacher and from the         principal.


    All students have the opportunity to reach a point club! This year’s point clubs are:

    10pt club

    30pt club

    50pt club

    75pt club

       100 pt club

       150pt club



    Students have the opportunity to earn points for each quiz they take.  Each book has a point value, which is the maximum number of points that can be earned if a    student scores 100% on the quiz.  If a student gets all questions right they will receive maximum points allowed for that book.  Partial points are award based on a   passing score.  Points will not count if a student fails a quiz. 


    1. You must read the entire book before taking a quiz!

    2. You may not take a test more than 2 reading levels below your independent reading level. 

      -example:  I read at a 4.2 grade level, I cannot take a test on a 1st grade level book

    3. You may not take a test solely based on seeing the movie.


    You can find AR titles here